FAQ (Admissions)

From what age can I apply for a place at the HSV?

Once your child turns one, you can apply.

Is the HSV International Department part of the gemeente Den Haag registration scheme?

No, we are not part of the gemeente system.

Can I choose the location?

You can put your preferred location on the application form, however there is no guarantee of placement. Your child can be moved to the preferred location once there is an opening.

Can I apply for a place in the HSV Dutch department and International department at the same time?

You cannot apply in both departments simultaneously. If you wish to apply to the Dutch Department, contact 

When will I know my child has a place?

For Reception, it will be 6-8 months prior to the school year starting in August.  So generally you will be notified between January and March.

For years 1 to 6, as soon as there is an opening.

What are the school fees?

150 euro processing fee for enrollment

For school year 2016-17, an annual school fee of 4750 euros

A lunchtime supervision fee (overblijf) of 150 euros. This is invoiced separately.

Once my child has been accepted, what are the instalments for payment?

There are two instalments. You will be notified of the due dates in the confirmation letter.